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I am Jignesh Patel. I have been working in web development industry from 2010. This blog is my way of sharing knowledge that I have doing work as web designer and developer.

I love to talk about UI Design and Discuss about various UI trends and Web Development.

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Top 10 CSS Frameworks for Front-End Developers

List of CSS frameworks that everyone should know. These frameworks can speed up your workflow once you learn the basics of CSS. You can have the CSS framework do the repetitive tasks for you.


Pseudo Classes And Pseudo Elements In CSS

Manipulating fake elements in CSS to get additional control over CSS styling. Pseudo-selectors select elements in a particular state. Pseudo-elements are the Real but inaccessible elements.


What is margin collapsing in CSS and how it works?

Margin property has one of the behaviors that other box-model properties do not have. Margins can collapse in certain conditions. This article covers various rules to understand margin collapsing behavior.

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