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It can display a video file on the browser.Video is an HTML5 element that creates a media player without any plugin.


the video will start automatically as soon as the page loads.

  • none

the browser will display the video controls such as stop, play, pause, etc.

  • none

to use Cross-Origin Resource Sharing to fetch the related video file.

  • anonymous - the element will not have the credentials flag set.
  • use-credentials - the element will have the credentials flag set.

represents the height of the video display area.

  • pixels

once the video ends it will again start playing automatically.

  • none

the video will be mute initially when the page loads.

  • none

represents URL of an image to be shown while the video is downloading

  • URL

represents how much time will be taken to load video after page loads.

  • none - the browser will not load the video when the page loads
  • metadata - the browser will load only metadata when the page loads
  • auto - the browser will load full video when the page loads

represents the URL from which the video is embedded.

  • URL

represents the width of the video display area.

  • pixels

HTML video Example:
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