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A meta defines additional values for the document. The meta tag can have multiple attributes to define its content.


represents the name of the metadata.

  • application-name - the name of the web application.
  • author - the name of the author of the webpage.
  • description - the description of the webpage. The search engines use it to display results.
  • keywords - one or more keywords with comma separator that inform search engines what is the page about.
  • viewport - controls the visible area of the web page. 

represents character encodings that are used in an HTML page.

  • character_set - space-separated list of one or more character encodings. UTF-8 for Unicode.

represents the value associated with the name attribute.

  • text

represents the HTTP header for the value of the content attribute.

  • content-security-policy - the content policy of the page
  • content-type - the character encoding of the page
  • default-style - the preferred style sheet to use.
  • refresh - a time interval at which the page will refresh by itself.