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An iframe stands for the inline frame. This is used to display internal or external webpage within the webpage.


represents the URL of the webpage that is to embed.

  • URL

represents the name of an iframe

  • text

represents extra restrictions for the content in an iframe.

  • allow-forms - allows to submit a form
  • allow-orientation-lock - allows lock screen to move within a definite position.
  • allow-pointer-lock - allows the use of Pointer Lock API.
  • allow-popups - allows popup of the window.
  • allow-presentation - allows starting a presentation session.
  • allow-same-origin - allows the content of the iframe to be in the same origin.
  • allow-scripts - allows running script.
  • allow-top-navigation - allows the content of the iframe navigates from the top level of the browsing context.

represents the HTML content of the page to show in the iframe.

  • HTML_code

the width of the iframe.

  • pixels

the height of the iframe.

  • Pixels

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